JC CARPENTER and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. are active in many areas impacting the society that we live in. We act primarily at locations where we use the resources of a region. This might be in terms of material resources that make up the raw materials for manufacturing the products offered by JC Carpenter and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. or human resources that create the services and business functions.

The key areas where we spend focused effort to meet the felt needs of the community are Wuzhou, GuangXi and Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.  While JC Carpenter and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. support the local organizations, we also actively make our hands available for the community with a scheduled program.

While JC Carpenter and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. value the structure of a triple bottom company, we are established upon the following principles which are fundamental for the well being of those who are in touch with our organization both internally and externally.

  • Availing an environment that allows the core family to establish its roots in China.
  • Integration of core family with a closely knit community.
  • Meeting the felt needs of the community at large.
  • Establishing independent businesses and new organizations with the same DNA of charity for community.

We live within a growing community. JC Carpenter and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. wish to take firm steps in many areas where we are yet to grow. In order to recruit support we post our future plans on our web site, which are yet to be fulfilled. Please see the Wish page for more information.


JC Carpenter


Sustainable Infitters for Urban Homes

JC Carpenter’s wood products (except those certified by FSC) are grown and processed to become engineered boards within 50 kms of our factory in Wuzhou, GuangXi. Once manufactured, the cabinets are shipped ‘downstream’ on river feeder boats to Hong Kong, reducing the carbon emitted during shipment and process.
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JC Carpenter


Come Join Us

At JC Carpenter we offer competitive packages and quality work environments for furniture design and production.
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A Vision for Our Communities

Integrated Permanent Sustainable Services

JC Carpenter and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. have a list of goals or wishes in providing integrated permanent sustainable services to meet the needs of our local communities.
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