JC Carpenter cabinet packages are made of 98% bio degradable and 99% recyclable materials.

JC Carpenter cabinet core woods are harvested 100% from local commercial forests and controlled plantations of the Guang Xi region.

JC Carpenter cabinets carry a low carbon foot print profile. Core materials are sourced from nearby factories. 80% of the raw materials used are manufactured within 20km from JC Carpenter manufacturing plant.

JC Carpenter collects and recycles 90% of its byproducts.

JC Carpenter invests within the town.

Reuse Before Repurpose JC Carpenter retains all design aspects of any built-in design cabinetry system as long as the warranty period and beyond. New parts and additions can be ordered at any time before the end of the warranty period, extending the economical use of JC Carpenter products. Cabinet doors panels and additional cabinets can be supplied for an existing system many years after the original purchase.  Do not hesitate to call your sales representative during renovations if you want to add or revise existing layouts. We want to be there when you want to save on costs to your family budget and extend the economical use of your cabinetry.

Repurpose Before Recycle JC carpenter systems can be combined with additional new cabinetry if you decide to use our cabinets at another area of your home. We carry the technical specifications of all products supplied in the past in our central data bases.  A certified JC Carpenter product is designed to add value to your home. We are willing to help you to redesign your spaces utilizing your existing cabinetry to suit the changing aesthetic of interior d├ęcor. Please talk to our sales representatives about how to retain or extend your warranty after remodeling your home with JC Carpenter products.

Recycle, ‘The Final Resort’ Please call your JC Carpenter representative before recycling your JC Carpenter product. We might be able add more value to your home and save you from expensive renovation, extension and remodeling bills.



JC Carpenter supports those communities local to our factories and offices with its hands on approach offering employment as well as funding and solutions to other felt needs.

JC Carpenter values the core family structure and believes that the core family’s geographical unity is essential for its success, so we train and hire labor local to our factories and offices instead of recruiting from distant cities.

JC Carpenter spends efforts to increase the standard of living within its own territories.



JC Carpenter product development has been geared towards minimizing the use of materials, and reducing weight and materials utilized for its production.

JC Carpenter’s products have been designed to be hard wearing with extraordinary economical life span.

JC Carpenter is currently planning to use more daylight in its factory in order to reduce use of electricity during production.

JC Carpenter’s manufacturing plant is constantly updated in order to reduce emissions and wastes.


JC Carpenter

Social Resposibility

Helping Meet the Needs of Local Communities

JC CARPENTER and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. spend focused effort to meet the felt needs of the community in Wuzhou, GuangXi and Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.
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JC Carpenter


Come Join Us

At JC Carpenter we offer competitive packages and quality work environments for furniture design and production.
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A Vision for Our Communities

Integrated Permanent Sustainable Services

JC Carpenter and Midfield Hong Kong Ltd. have a list of goals or wishes in providing integrated permanent sustainable services to meet the needs of our local communities.
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